Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yep..that's what I got on Thursday evening when Dave called me..I thought he was just calling me to see if I needed anything from the store on his way home from work but well it seems I got something way better, he tells me on the phone that he's going to pick up a puppy I was shocked and so excited so when he finally got home..he brought the puppy in and he is such a sweetie, he's I believe like 8-9 weeks old and he's a Beagle pup..I fell in love with him instantly I mean how could you not look at those lil We named him Spike..he's just a cutie. He's been with us for a few days now and is doing real well goes outside doesn't try to wander off on you, is starting to scratch at the back door when he wants out and yesterday we were accident he's a really good Here's some pics of the new member to our family.. and I'm really suprised cause our kitty Lily is really starting to like him not that she had much of a choice in the matter..he isn't going they actually play together now it's too funny. and that one pic is of me and spikey..hehe..doesn't he just have the sweetest face. alright well I'm off to go and rack up some more of the leaves off my lawn..I hate them there such a pain in my bum..and then well more cleaning for me..while the kids and Dave go out for a boat ride..Dave has been dying to use his boat and go crusing on the of luck to'm really not much of a boat person, and well it's kinda chilly outside too.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I forgot a LO, Here's one that I did up yesterday that tool me like 2 hours..i just wasn't happy but finally it's doe and I love here's Chloe's Dora LO.

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I know I know....

I know I've been scrapping away and not posting them on my that's what I'm about to do..then I have to get off and start my so heres some of my latest LO's..Enjoy!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So Excited

Good Morning..I'm sitting here having my morning tea and just thought I'd come on here and post my recent awesome news..I'm a Guest CT for Micheline Martin for the month of awesome is that..I love Micheline's products and she's a super awesome I'm really excited about this oppurtunity that she has given me to work with her stunning designs, and i'm going to miss working with Bren Boone and Laura Deceatis designs at the end of the month..but I had a great time this month using there stuff there really talented..and I'm just happy that I got a chance to work with them and there designs even if it was only for a month...So not up too much today just some cleaning of my house and then hopefully get some scrap pages done..and that will be most of my day well I guess that's all...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Afternoon

Today is an alright looks nice outside, sun is shining and we finally got the other non working car out of our driveway!!...Update on Lily: She is still did pick up some shampoo and spray for skunk odors at the pet store and I used them right away on her..but they didn't work to well..she's still I think that she has a major cause of it..yuck!!..but I'm feeling so bad cause I've been bugging her so much out of love of course..but she's had treatment after treatment & 3 baths and still is stinky..not as stinky but still you can smell it..and as I'm typing this she just jumped up on my lap for some'm trying not to hold me I have to do another treatment on her in will see if that does anything..No rel plans for today except the usual cleaning of the house and some laundry ..real fun I tell as you may have noticed I changed my header and font colours abit..I've gone pink..can ya tell it's my favorite color?..So I'm hoping to go and see my mom for the day on sunday or monday and I have to do a few things and grab a few things while I'm there..and also I put some pics up of my kiddos on the side..isn't it's a larger version of it...Well that's my day and I'll be back to update some more on the weekend..Smooch!!
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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Early this morning my kitty got out of the house, the kids had left a window open that I did't know about and she got around 4 this morning I hear some banging at our bedroom window we have a patio I wake up to this noise and thought some animal was trying to get I get up to go to the bathroom and usually Lily is at my feet and following me but I called her and nothing that's when I discovered that she got out..I was kinda panicked cause well she's my baby and she's never been Dallas got up when he heard me up and I asked him to look out my bedroom window to see if he could see anything...he looks and says he sees a white thing..then looks again and says IT'S LILY!!...So i look out and yep there she is..but i look closer and she doesn't look so good..her eyes looked really bad..and then I could smell this awful Smell..yep my Lily got sprayed by a skunk right in her face..poor I get a towel and some gloves on and out to the back of the house I go and pick her up and bring her inside and bathe her she didn't like that one bit..but she's at least smells abit felt so bad for her..she's looking better now and her eyes seem to be better too..but she's still stinky..So my DH is gonna go to the Pet Store tonight after work and buy some stuff to get rid of the skunk smell on her..Poor thing..I'm just glad that she's ok. and I'm ok just tired since I've been up since 4 am.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blah Monday

Today is a Blah's really windy & rainy outside..which just makes everything depressing..I had some yard work to do today but that is cancelled cause I am so not going out to do it in this yucky weather!!! this weather is for the ducks..I have to clean my house today..nothing too exciting here's my To-Do List for today... so ya there's my day..I'm hoping to also get some scrapping done today..I feel inspired!! Hope you all have a great one!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


OK well Doreen posted some awesome pics of a place called Barron Canyon in Algonquin Park and I just loved the pics so I decided that Dave and I just have to go there this summer it just looks so beautiful and I'm also thinking about wanting to canoe through it Canoe what..I hate boats specially canoes cause there's not to much too them that and the fact that I almost drowned on a canoe when i was younger I got trapped under one..but I'm willing to get back up on that horse and try again cause it's just breathtaking and I would love to experience it for myself here's some pics of it..So now I just gotta convince Dave I don't think it will take much though..I mean Outdoors, Canoeing, Fishing..that's usually a guys I also want to take some pics and just have some time alone with my Husband to experience this beautiful place..I'm going to see if my mom will take my kiddos for a weekend this summer so we can go..I'll get it all planned then Dave just can't say and maybe I think it's too cool that we have the same name as the'll keep ya updated..

Good Morning

well it's 9 am and I'm just sitting here enjoying my tea..Dallas is at school today..he was feeling better..which is great hopefully I'll be able to get more done around here today cleaning wise..gotta stop being a don't have to much to do today just a few things oh and of course the dreaded laundry no matter what I always have laundry..anybody know where I can find the Laundry I'm hoping to get all caught up on my scraps today that will take some stress off of me it's not like I have many to do but still I like being all caught up or it's stresses me, it's like a job ya I shall be back with some scrap pages for you all..oh wait a minute I do have one that I finished up yesterday..just need to put it up in my gallery's so with that not I'll leave you with this LO..Enjoy!! The kit is called "Playdate" By: Tabatha Reed

Monday, April 9, 2007

I know I know..

Yes I revamped my blog I did this awesome LO yesterday that really inspired me and I thought to myself..that would look awesome as my blog header so today I made it up and well here it is..I really like it..and ya i have a thing for pink and cheetah print they go well together..but overall I'm very please with how it all turned out now I have a few more things that I need to do but then it will be done..I also figured out how to add my own personal touch to the side with all my links now I like it alot better..anyways I've been scrapping crazy and already uploaded like 5 to my gallerys I'm on a roll..I'll share some right now. I love this one..don't ya just love the boys easter hats.. i thought they were too cute so I just had to take a bunch of the end Dallas was getting up set with me because of all the pics he didn't want me to take guy..I'm a mean mom..I hope that everyone had a great easter weekend with there families..we didn't do too much..just stayed at home...did some crafts with the kids..and well that pretty much sums up our weekend. ok here's another LO the one that inspired me to change my blog and yes this LO is all about don't scrap myself often cause I'm not a big photo person and it's hard to get any goods ones of me and the ones that I have are all self portraits..hehe..
So that's my update for now..about to go make myself a tea and get back to my scrapping and do some cleaning of the house.MUAH!!!
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Sunday, April 8, 2007

I'm a Bad Blogger

well it's been a few days since I last blogged ...I feel like a bad blogger..I've just been crazy busy with the kids and then I opened a forum with Rach's help and it's all coming together and looks great. Right now I'm also working on a few scrap pages..just trying to get those done I've had a bit of scrappers block so I'm abit behind but getting there. We've had a good weekend so far didn't do anything exciting...took some good pics of the kiddos. well that's about all for me nothing exciting and here's a link to my forum if you interested.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My Little Girl

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO, my Baby Girl is such a cutie!!..Here's a new LO i did today of her. Full Credits Here

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Monday, April 2, 2007

More New LO's

Here's a couple more LO's I did over the last few days..

I love this one of's just too cute

Credits Here
This LO is of my MIL and her new husband on there Wedding Day.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pink Poodle Pj's

Here's a LO I just finished for the challange over at Pink Poodle studios..and the kit for the challenge is just awesome..and I'm so happy that I had the perfect pic of Chloe in her Pink Poodle PJ's..Here's my LO..Full Credits Here

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