Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Melody

Yes that's the name of Mira Designs new kit (Spring Melody), it's a great kit and I had alot of funny using it so I just had to share it with everyone else if you don't already have it I would make a suggestion to go and buy it. It's available at The Digi Chick :D and I'm also posting the Layout that I made using it.




Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Bad Blogger..oops...

Yep the title says it all I've been a bad bad haven't updated in like 2 months..oops..things have just been really busy and I haven't been able to find the time to really sit down and write on my blog..right now I have abit of time cause the baby is sleeping so I thought I would get on here and update as much as I can.

Anyways I had Miss Peyton on March 14th 2009 @ 11:10am I was almost 6 days past my due date. I guess she just really liked it alot in there and didn't want to make her apperance on's abit of the Birth Story I copied and pasted it from my Mommy's group so I wouldn't have to write it all out again.

I was supposed to be induced on Sunday(March 15th) because Peyton was being i never made it to my induction appt because on friday night i went into labor. I kept having what I thought were braxton hicks because they really weren't all that painful so for awhile I didn't think much of my fiance Ryan and I decided to go and visit with my mom for something to do and I was still having them, my mom was like oh she started to time them and they were about 5-7 mins apart and I just looked at her and said it's nothing because they didn't hurt so no way did I think I was in labor..we got back home around 11:30pm and watched some t.v and I was still having them then when I went to go to bed around 1am that's when they started to get worse and uncomfortable but I tried to lay down anyways well they did end up getting worse where I had to breathe through them so around just after 2am I told Ryan that I was pretty sure that I was in labor and that I thought that we should go to the hospital he wasn't sure what to think since I have had false labor a few times already..anyways I get my bags and make sure that I have everything that I need and then we got into the car and headed for the hospital, we get there I had to register quickly and then off we went to labor & delivery were I sign in there and then they take us to a room, hook me up to the monitors and do an internal exam and the nurse tells me that I am 3-4 cms we were like wow that went pretty she leaves me on the monitor for abit and at this time my contractions are stronger but I just breathe through them, the nurse comes back in and we went through all the paperwork and then I opted to go into the whirlpool tub to take some of the edge off..I was in the tub for about 30 mins and then couldn't deal no more and got out and Ryan told the nurse that I wanted the epidural, around 6:30 am I got my epidural and I was 6 cms I believe and then the doctor came and broke my water after that. After my epi kicked in I was smiling and just chilled right out..I was after a period of time my epi started to wear off and I could feel the contractions again. around 11am I was checked and told that I was fully dilated and we started to push with just the nurse there. At first my pushes weren't really doing anything and they figured that I would be pushing for at least 45 mins to an hour..well I proved them nurse almost had to deliver peyton with the last 3 pushes I had her out she came out very quick. at 11:10am Miss Peyton Nevaeh Elizabeth M was born weighing 7 pounds 13 ozs and she was 19 inches long, she's just an amazing baby and were sooooo HAPPY!!

Peyton is now almost 2 months old..the time just seems to be flying by..she's such a sweetheart and I just couldn't imagine life without her in it..right now she's smiling alot and she coo's and just today she rolled on her's pretty much sleeping through the night right now so I'm not even complaining..I'm not a sleep deprieved mommy. Things are pretty busy around here though and sometimes the house gets neglected because I just don't have the time it takes during the day since Peyton is awake most of the day now..she does have her naps but they are cat naps..I swear she sleeps for 20 mins and then is up for like 2's my little ham.

I tried to update my blog the other day but just didn't have the spare time that it takes plus I wasn't feeling all that well since I had surgery done on Friday..I have a tubal ligation done. I believe that I made the right decision 4 kids was enough for me I have my 2 boys and my 2 girls it's evened out and I just feel now that my family is complete so I went ahead and told my doctor that I wanted my tubes tied. The Surgery went well and I was only in the hospital from 8:30am-1pm that day and then came home and relaxed I wasn't in any serious pain but just had some pretty uncomfortable cramping and just felt icky..but now I feel fine and tommorow my bandages can come ya that's what's new around here. I'll share some photos of Peyton of when she was born and her now, and I'll also be sharing my most recent scrap pages in the next few days.
First photos is Peyton @ 4 days old, the second is Peyton @ almost 2 months and the 3rd is of Peyton and I.