Monday, November 10, 2008

22 week belly pics

these are my latest Belly pics they were taken last week I'm now 23 weeks:)

Ultrasound Tommorow

Well i have my follow-up ultrasound tommorow @ 2:30pm...because last months ultrasound showed a small band and really I'm not too sure as to what that is..and my doctor couldn't even really explain it to me so yes I've been kind of worried but I'm pretty sure that it will turn out to be nothing, I'm thinking it could be scar tissue from my surgery last year (I had an etopic pregnancy and the baby was in my ovary) anyways that or just the angle they had. so I'm not panicked about it I'm thinking my baby girl is a-ok since they said that she is growing and looks great and so does her heart tommorow I go back for another ultrasound just to check up on things and they couldn't see all of her heart last time because of the way she was just didn't want the lady to poke at'm not excited about all the water that I have to drink again..but very excited that I get to see my baby girl again..and make sure that she is still a I'll update when I get back tommorow.