Thursday, March 5, 2009

39 week Belly Pics

Here's the last of my belly pics..from 39 weeks I think I look

3 days till my Due Date

Yep that's right 3 more days till Miss Peyton is due..I'm really nervous, shocked, scared but also very excited to meet and hold my baby girl :)..I'm just getting nervous about the whole labor part you would think it wouldn't even bother me since this is my 4th baby but I don't think labor ever gets any'm hoping that I have a fast labor and my plan is to get the epidural, I had it with Chloe and it was such a blessing so I for sure want it again.

So all my bags are packed and waiting for when I have to go to the hospital and Peyton's bag is all packed and ready to go too, I think that all I need to add to mine is my toothbrush and hairbrush.

I'm hoping that my labor starts soon and that I don't go overdue, that would I really think that Peyton is very stubborn and does not want to come out of my
I had a doctor's appt on Tuesday and he said that I'm still 1cm dilated and that she's really dropped he thinks I will go soon but if not I have another appt on Tuesday for an NST @ the hospital and then another doctor's appt on the thursday and then if I haven't had her by then I will be induced on the 15th, so at least I know she will be here by the 15th at the

Yesterday when I went to the bathroom I lost my mucus plug and got the bloody show which usually means that labor will be soon to come so I'm playing the waiting game and hope that's a sign thatt I'm going to meet my baby girl very soon. Well I guess that's about all for now I'll try and keep updating..