Wednesday, February 4, 2009

32 days left :O

WOW..I'm sitting here in shock after reading my pregnancy ticker it said that I only have 32 days left till little Miss Peyton's due date..this pregnancy went by so fast I remember like it was yesterday telling my fiance that we were pregnant and then the months just flew I'm almost 36 weeks(sunday) and I'm feeling ok I guess just the usual uncomfy pregnancy back has been killing me and usually before I go to bed at night my fiance has to give me a back massage so I can relax and actually sleep, and now my bladder is in overdrive I swear that every 10 minutes I'm in the bathroom going pee and it sucks..I'm alittle worried about if they give me another ultrasound since my bladder can't hold and I waddle like a duck too and my fiance laughs I think he finds it amusing but in a good way he's been so awesome throughout this whole pregnancy and has been there for me he amazes me everyday and I love him so much..

I'm still sitting here thinking 32 days, 32 Miss Peyton is kicking me and although it kinda hurts cause she's kicking in my ribs, I still love the feeling of her moving around in my belly I guess because it just re-assures me that all is ok. I'm pretty much ready for her arrival, we have pretty much everything we need for her except a couple little things that I need like a Breastpump, Breast pads and a couple nursing bras..since I plan on breast feeding her so I'm going to be needing those few things which I will get this month so I can pack it into my hospital bag, speaking of hospital bags mine is no where near packed I still have a bunch of stuff to put into it, but it's hard when you need to pack clothes and nightgowns but you wear those so I'll have to wait till last minute to put those in, Peyton's bag is all packed and ready to go..and all her clothes and things are all organized and put away so ya were ready..

I'm really ready to meet my babygirl and just can't wait to hold her in my arms. But at the same time over the last couple weeks as much as I want her out I'm nervous and scared about the labor part I know you must think I'm crazy since this is my 4th child but I'm still freaked out..and I'm just hoping and prayng that I will be able to get the epidural cause then I know I'll be ok and sorta comfy and be able to handle the labor, but I'm sure that when the time comes I'll be ok and get through

Ok enough of my ramblings I'm off to clean my place....xoxo