Saturday, March 31, 2007

HAPPY 14TH!!!!!!!!!!

To My Brother Bradley..the pain in my rear he turned 14 today..I feel bad that I couldn't be there with him but I live about 30 mins away and don't have the extra $$ for gas to get there right now..which is all good cause he'll be coming up next week for a night or 2 to visit. So ya HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007


My Paypal $$ came in today so you know what i did..some online retail therapy...I got me quite abit of Digi-stuff..I grabbed Dani Mogstads Grab bag aswell and I'm telling ya if you haven't gotten it buy it today there is a bunch of awesome goodies in there that are worth way more then the $2 you pay for the grab bag, it's a sweet deal. I also picked up her Crazy Love kit on sale. Then I grabbed 2 things over at Shabby Princess i got the Bella Collection & Wild love.and some other embellies from different I think I have lot's to scrap here's a LO I just finished using Shabby Princess's Wild Love kit.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Header Change

yep it's been only 2 days and I have changed my Header again I just made the new one today and going to leave it up for awhile and see if I dig like it better then the other one cause it matches my scrap page that I did yesterday. So anyways I can't believe that the week is almost did it's crazy time is really just flying by..I remember when I was a kid thinking that the days were so long and there was really nothing to do to fill them up and the years dragged I think they go way to fast and I just don't have enough time in a day to get all I need done alot of the time..Nothing exciting here for me today..just cleaning the house and well that's about all..
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I AM....

Ok this is my all time Fav LO that I have ever done. I just finished it and am so happy with the way it turned out

Find Full Credits:Here

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Oh La La

ok I decided to show my goodies that I plan on getting this week.if my paypal hurrys can't wait to get them and use them, Hurry Up PayPal!!!

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Patiently Waiting

So Here I am waiting for my Paypal I just signed up and am in the process of transfering $$ from my bank account to my paypal account so I can do some Digi scrapping..I just wish it would hurry up I'm so impatient I've been waiting for over a week now I checked on it today and it said the expected date is March 30..oh man that's friday I wanna've seen so much awesome digi stuff lately..I wish I was well I'll be working on starting my collection of digi stuff soon..I've decided that every month I'm going to put alittle bit of $$ aside and into my paypal so I can get stuff even if it's $10-$20 which you'd be surprised it does go far in the scrapping world specially if there is sales going so ya that's my ramblings for today..I hope that Dave gets home at a decent time tonight so maybe we can watch the movie that he just bought "The Rocket" I really want to see it. and well not to much of an exciting day around here just gotta clean up the house and hopefully catch up on a few scraps. off to make my tea......
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My Boy

I had so much fun using this kid..Bren Boone has really awesome kits and elements her pin me up's are a must have!! So here's is my LO using Bren's Star Gazer kit as well as her Pin me Up elements, Frame: Valorie Brown , Stitches:Sandra Boddington

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Here's a LO I did on what Overwhelms me..Worart by Shawna Clingerman, Paper: Daniela Peuss ,Heart:Bethany Mott. Scallop Ribbon: Miss Mint

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Quietly Playing

Credits: Kit Used: New Spring Petals By:Sarah Davis, Available @ Osraps

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First Post

Well this is my first post on my new blog I decided to start another one and see what I could do to customize it, since I've had my other one for like ever and well it lacks some character so I decided to try something new, I even did something new with my header I think it turned out well and I adde pics of the kiddos on the side too, gives it a nice touch..although it did take me forever to add all the links that I had on my other I didn't think I had that ya Welcome to my new home.
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