Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Prenatal Appt Update

I'm 33 1/2 weeks

I had my prenatal appt this morning it was supposed to be at 1pm but my doctor was going to be out of the office so I took the 9:45am one instead cause I didn't want to go another we get there and the place was think we waited almost 40 mins so that's not too bad, then I did my pee sample which was all negitive and then my weight I've gained 4 pounds in 2 that puts me up to a total of 20 pounds gained.

They did the fundal height and the doctor said it looks great and here heartbeat is great too, and I just love hearing it..hehe..i believe he said it's about 150 bpm..then I told him about all the bad heartburn I've been having and told him I've just been taking tums for it and well sometimes they work and sometimes they don't and he told me to take Gaviscon(sp?)..Then I asked him about all the mucus I've been losing, every couple of days when I go to the bathroom and wipe there's been a bunch of mucus, he asked me if there was any blood in it and I told him no just globs of yucky looking mucus and he told me it's normal it's just my body getting ready for the big that's I have to go back in 2 weeks on the 5th of Feb I'll be about 36 weeks then and I have to get my swab done, oh and my doctor is going away that week so I have to see another doctor who is taking his place, but that's ok because I've met her before.

Oh and when my doctor was measuring my belly he asked if I thought she was going to be a big baby??..I said I have no idea but it feels like it since there's like no more room in I'm wondering is she big there has to be a reason why he asked..lolok I think I rambled on that's my update, Peyton is doing great!!!:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Sunshine & Belly Love

Those are the titles to my 2 new scrap pages that I got done in the last day..I think they came out good and the kits are just awesome!!..The Kits are Trixie and Sunshine & Rainbows By: Julie Bullock @ Shabby Pickle she is an amazing and very talented designer and I am happy to say that I am on her creative team as of the other day:)..So I've been busy scrapping with her here's a couple new LO's to share...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

32 Weeks...

Yep that's right I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, this pregnancy has gone by too fast but truthfully I'm almost ready for it too be done it hasn't been the easiest pregnancy I've had some problems, 1 of them being Heart Palpatations, it really sucks and I've had bad back problems my back is just killing me, it's not too bad during the day but at night when I try and lay down to go to sleep that's when it really starts and then I toss and turn and don't get a good sleep. then there's also the huge problem of heartburn/acid tums have been my bestfriend I even carry them in my purse when I go out places and it doesn't matter what I eat I still get the heartburn I have a feeling that Miss.Peyton here will have a head full of hair like Chloe love feeling her move around but even that is getting uncomfy specially when she kicks me in the ribs..I know that when I have her I'll miss being pregnant since this is my last baby I have talked to me doctor and I'm going ahead with the tubal ligation, my body just can't handle anymore pregnancies and well I think having 4 kids is have 2 boys and 2 girls and that's good enough for me..I was kinda worried that when I told Ryan that I wanted to have my tubes tied he would be upset since Peyton is his first baby..but to my surprise he was really understanding and said that was ok and that he would never be mad at me for my decision and really having 1 baby of his own is good enough..because he's already a step-daddy to my 3:) I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

So I have only 8 more weeks to go till Miss.Peyton makes her way into the world and I'm very excited to meet and hold her but I'm also very scared about going through labor..I guess because I know what's going to happen and the pain that i will feel and it just makes me panic alittle bit..but I already wrote on my pre-registraton that I want an epidural to help manage the pain let's just hope that I make it in time and that my labor doesn't progress too fast that I can't get doctor thinks that this time around my labor might be 3 1/2-4 hours since the other's seemed to cut in half..

I get to see my OB every 2 weeks now, my next appt is on the 21st and they will just do the usual, the heartbeat, measurements and all that good stuff and hopefully I will get at least 1 more ultrasound cause I'm wondering just how big she is getting in there since my belly has really no more room in

Well that's all I guess for now..but I will keep updating, I will have more news next weekend cause my babyshower is on the 24th at Ryan's house his mom is hosting it for me and there will be quite a few people coming, so I'm very excited since this is my 4th baby but my first babyshower:).

32 Week Belly Pics..

I know I know I'm getting big..but not much longer..:)
The first 2 are from when I was 30

*New* Scrap Pages..

I have some new Scrap pages to share 4 of them for right now. Enjoy:)

Chloe and Peyton's Room..

We painted Chloe's room last weekend cause her and the baby will be sharing a room and she's very excited about that, since she hates sleeping we painted it her favorite color can you guess what color that is??..yep you guessed right it's now PINK..and then we did a diamond pattern on the main wall and it came out pretty good since we were first timer's painting designs..and then we also set up Baby Peyton's Crib and put the bedding on it, Ryan's parent's are beyond awesome and got us the crib, mattress and bedding set for Christmas I'm forever thankful for them they have been so great to me. so without me rambling on here's some pics of the finished room.

Major Update...

I know I've been a Bad Bad Blogger yet again, life has certainly caught up with then with the holidays I've been a busy busy I have so much to update with..I'll be posting pictures and things after this post from the holidays, pictures of Chloe and Peyton's room that we painted and set up all the baby stuff in..and of course some scrap pages that I have done lately..

So first off let's start with the holidays, they were pretty good and the kids got so much stuff I had to make room for it they did well this year. I had them Christmas morning they got up at 8am and I was so surprised I thought that they would of had me up at 4-5am but nope they didn't, they must of been tired..they went to there Dad's house in the afternoon to spend some of the holiday with him too, here's a few pictures of the kids and our tree on Christmas morning.

Our Christmas Tree

all the kids gifts under the tree..

The kids after they opened there gifts..

I have way more pics, but just thought I would share a few since it would take me forever to upload all the pics from Christmas...So after I dropped the kids off to there dad's house we went to Ryan's parent's house to get ready to go to his dad's family's for Christmas dinner in the city, I hadn't met some of his family but it all went well and there all very nice..I had a great time and the dinner was good..oh and Ryan got me a new digital camera for Christmas, isn't he a total sweetheart he knew how much I wanted one since the other one I had wasn't the greatest and the batteries were costing me so now I have a slim Fujifilm digi camera and it has a rechargeable battery and it only takes an hour to charge it's awesome..thanks again sweetie!!xoxo
So ya that's about it for Christmas I'm just glad that the kids had a great holiday and I loved seeing the big smiles on the faces it just made me so happy to see them so happy.
For New Years we did nothing we stayed home and Ryan and I watched movies and we could see the fireworks from my balcony so that was cool, I really didn't feel like doing anything for new years anyways since I'm pregnant and due soon I'm just tired and uncomfy so staying home sounded great to