Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Deal

Yep I have something BIG to share..lol..ok ready for this..I'm PREGNANT..yep that's right pregnant..am I in abit of shock still..yes I sure am..lol..I'll share the story...

Well for the last week in a half I hadn't really been feeling like myself, I was always feeling tired, and also pukey and just plain lazy..but didn't really think anything of it just thought that my 3 kiddos had worn me down..so then on Friday June 4th Ryan and I went to the Drive-In and while watching one of the movies I said to him that I had been feeling different and thought that I could be pregnant, he just looked at me but said that he didn't really think I was..(we had been though this a couple times and the tests always came back negative)..so he thought it was more then likely just another scare so I kinda shrugged it off. After the drive in we went to shoppers and bought a test you know the one with 2 tests in it, just to see what the result would be and ease the mind, by that time I also had to pee really bad..lol..so we get home and I run into my apartment and grab the box with the pregnancy tests, take one out and then run to the bathroom..lol..so yep I peed on the stick and quite quickly the result came and it was POSITIVE!!!..so I start like hyperventalting and run out of the bathroom and go to Ryan he looks at me and all I could say was that the test was Positive, well wasn't he in shock he double checked the box and the insert in the box..lmao..and then after abit he asked me to go and pee on the other test so I did and sure enough that one came back positive too..so yep I'm pregnant and it's been confirmed by the doctor too..I spent yesterday in the doctors too because I have been having some uncomfortable cramping happening and wanted to be on the safe side and get it checked out..so the doctor checked me over and doesn't think that it's really anything but gave me a form for bloodwork and also an ultrasound request..

So today I went and had my blood done..and also made the appt for my ultrasound which is August 19th @ 9am ya that bloody long of a wait..it really sucks but what are you gonna do right?..today I felt abit better haven't had as much cramping so thats a good sign.

Well there's way more but my back is getting sore from sitting here, and I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna go lay down now..but I'll share the pic of my positive pregnancy tests..hehe..

Well Nighty Night!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


It's been awhile since I last posted..Just been busy with the 3 kiddos and trying to entertain them since school is out and goes back in on September 2nd I believe..so far it's going ok but there are days that they drive me insane..lol..so I usually try to take them out to the beach or the park and we make weekly trips to the library it's only like 5 minutes from my place so it's not far but it gives them something to do..Right now the kids are getting ready to go to the dad's house for the weekend he'll be here to pick them up after work..after that I have to get ready Ryan and I are going to the drive-in tonight were going to see Wall-E and Hancock, the kids were supposed to come with us but Dave decided that he wanted them this weekend so now it's just the 2 of us going..hmm..what else is going on??..

Well trying to keep the house clean with 3 kids is dang near impossible, it seems like all my time is sent trying to keep this place clean..and everytime I'm cleaning 1 of the 3 is right behind me messing it all right back up..lol..oh well I guess I get credit for trying right??..hehe

Things with Ryan and I are still going great, he is truly a great guy and I really don't know what I'd do without him it's so nice to feel really loved for once in my life..we are engaged and I really couldn't be happier..life is good..the wedding probably won't be for another year and abit..were not rushing into it..

I'm kinda feeling shitty right now I think AF is making a visit really soon cause man I feel bloated and crampy..sometimes being a woman sucks..

I'll be posting some of my newest scrap pages on here soon, I just gotta remember to keep my blog up to date..hehe..I know I'm a bad blogger!!..

well that's all for now..