Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Ring..hehe

So much has happened

Well it's been awhile since I have updated my blog..lol..as you can see I've given it a new look but just haven't really had the time to make a new post...so let me catch up finally..Well I've been busy taking care of Chloe cause she has this really bad cough..like the kind that makes her gag and almost throw up it's really awful to listen too and I can't just imagine how she feels..poor girl. I've been to the doctors office twice about her cough and it's always th same thing they just tell me it's a bad cold and to let it run it's course..but they won't give me anything to give her for it so it really sucks specially yesterday I took her to the walk in clinic I waited for 3 1/2 hours to just be told the same thing again I was pissed..they won't do anything for her..is that really how doctors are these days they just don't care they don't have time to even really check out the patient..it's sad..very sad..and makes me upset to even think that they won't do anything to help my little girl. So besides taking care of Chloe and her bad cough I've been trying to clean this place I call home and lately it hasn't been going that well for me..why?..because I usually have a couple little mess makers right behind me so there are those days that I just give up because I would be cleaning this place 100 times a day..lol..Now this leads me to the huge news that I have on Friday April 25th I got engaged..yep that's right ENGAGED..Ryan asked me to marry him, and the ring that he got me is just beautiful I love it..hehe..I'm so beyond happy he's the greatest guy ever I'm so in love...I'll post pics after this post because if try to add pics with my post they always seem to screw up and it takes me forever to get them to look right...so I will post those in a few mins..anyways right now I'm just waiting for my oldest to get home from school and I'm trying to figure out what to have for dinner..decisions..decisions...lol, then I have some cleaning to do and if I'm lucky maybe relax alittle later and watch a movie.