Monday, September 7, 2009

Oops..My Bad

Ok I feel so bad for leaving my blog without any love in awhile, but so much has happened here it's just been crazy, taking care of the 4 kids a cat and a dog, plus dealing with family issues and now the back to school thing tommorow it has me so busy, oh and add my computer crashing in there too..yep my dang computer crashed while Chloe was on it playing games on the Barbie website she was I had to tell her that it wasn't her fault and that my computer was on it's way out anyways it was bound to happen at anytime. So needless to say Ryan's brother came over on saturday and re-formatted it for me and she's up and running again so now I'm just trying to get everything back on it again and upload my pics, scrapping stuff etc..

So I'm slowly getting there..I have so much scrapping stuff that I need to catch up on for my CT's but I don't mind I'm sure tommorow you'll find me scrapping my lil heart out.

I can't believe that summer is already over and that the kids go back to school tommorow which is going to have me out of whack for a couple weeks till I can back on my routine..So I'll probably be a grouchy bear the next few

In other news Miss Peyton will be 6 months old on the 14th, it's crazy I can't believe how big she is already, she's like 22 pounds now, and is in a regular carseat, eating solids, trying to sit up and she loves to babble away, it's still hard for me to believe 6 MONTHS!!!! baby is already growing fast.

Well I'm off to finish packing the things the kids need for tommorow and also make there lunches. Nighty Night All..xoxox