Thursday, October 30, 2008

Huge Update...

So last post on here I left off about the travel system..well we did end up getting it that weekend and Ryan's parents paid for half..which was beyond sweet of them..his family is really awesome and I'm so glad that I get to be a part of it:)..anyways we got the travel system and put it together and it's really nice, I can't wait to use it..hehe..and then we've been grabbing other things here and there for the baby when we the carseat cover, clothes, sleepers, socks,hats..etc..we still have alot of stuff to get for the baby but I still have like 4 months and 1 week left so we still have quite abit of time to get it all. Plus Ryan's mom is throwing us a baby shower so I'm excited for that too..this is my 4th child and this is my first time ever having a baby shower..isnt that
well I'm going to update on what's been going on with my pregnancy that last little while..I know I'm a bad blogger and haven't been able to keep up with everything so anyways here it goes..

October 15th 2008~ I had my 18+ week ultrasound today it went good except the fact that I had to pee really appt was at 10:30am and I got there 10 mins before so I could register, So I get in there and register with the lady and then go and sit about 5 mins later, a lady comes out and calls my name I was relieved because I didn't know how much longer I could hold my bladder. So I go in the room and then lay down on my back on the bed and she starts the back started to have spasms because the dang bed was need comfy beds..anyways after about 40 mins the lady tells me that I can go and empty my bladder because she doesn't need it full anymore and I replied to her Thank you so much..lmao..After I go pee I go back in the room and she finishes the pictures that she has to take and then asks me if I have anyone there with me I told her yes that my fiance was out in the waitting room she said ok and I asked her if we could find out the sex of the baby and she said yes. She goes and gets Ryan from the waiting room and him comes in you could tell he didn't know what to expect, she starts showing us the baby and were all smiles specially Ryan he had a big smile on his face..and after showing us all the parts of the baby she tells us that were having a GIRL!!! yep we thought it was a boy for it turns out that we were wrong it's a baby girl..were very excited and at least now we know that were having a girl so it will make baby shopping a whole lot easier..

{yes that's right were having a baby girl:) now I have 2 boys and 2 girls..and this baby is my last..I have decided that I am getting my tubes tied..this pregnancy hasn't been problem free and so I don't think my body could handle going through anymore pregnancies after this one..because with this baby I'm having a high risk pregnancy..and I'll explain more..

October 29th~I had my prenantal appt yesterday morning. me and miss Chloe took the bus there but it was pretty chilly out I'm not looking forward to the
anyways we get there, the nurse makes me do a pee sample{that's always a hoot}..then she weighs me and I've only gained 4 pounds in the last month so that's not it??...then the doctor comes in and goes over my file, checks my EDD and yep still the same she goes over the results of my ultrasound on October 15th and got some more news..I found out why I've been having heart palpitations for the last 2 doctor said it is because my asthma meds so yay..there putting me on another inhauler so hopefully that will help and make the palpitations go away.. the baby is doing good and growing fine and her heart rate is good..but on the results it says that they found a small I really have no idea what that means as I've never even heard of it but the doctor couldn't really explain it that well to me either and she said it could be nothing or it could turn out to be something that isn't too now she has me worried I'm not panicked or anything but I have to go back for a follow up ultrasound on the 11th of November to make sure everything's ok. I'm just praying that it turns out to be nothing, Ryan is going to be coming with me for the ultrasound appt and I'm so glad that he's coming because I'm worried and so is he, I think he is more so though because this is his first baby so he has no idea what to expect, but I'm pretty sure baby is ok and everything will turn out ok and that will have a healthy beautiful baby girl come March:) ya that's about it on the pregnancy front..

As for the rest of what's been happening around's been crazy..I've been trying to keep up with the 3 kiddos, cleaning my apt and staying on top of it and relaxing so by 11pm everynight I'm passed I really don't lead an exciting life anymore. Halloween is tommorow and it's also Dallas' 8th birthday I can't believe that my first baby is already's crazy time goes by way too fast..Dallas has been a challenge these days he seems to have developed a really bad attitude which is driving me up the wall because all he does is mouth me all the time and doesn't want to do a dang thing around the house or even be nice for that matter, I'm really hoping it's a stage and he grows out of it real soon..well that's my update for now I'll be back with more belly pics..right now I'm going to lay down for abit my back is killing me.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travel System

I'm excited for this weekend..Ryan and I are going out to get our Travel System for the baby..well hopefully if nothing comes up..but this will be the 1st purchase that we have made for the baby besides my prenatal monitor I really fell in love with this stroller because it works for a boy or a girl and plus it's a really great price..I'll also be getting the matching playpen/Bassinett and Highchair..but I'm just excited because this our 1st purchase for the baby..:) Here's a pic of the travel system it has 3 teddy bears at the's really cute.

Prenatal Appt~October 1st

I had my prenatal appt yesterday morning at 9:45 that was a fun got the boys up and ready for school and got them downstairs for there ride and then Chloe and I had to run downtown to the bus terminal to catch the bus that goes up to where my appt is..Ryan couldn't take me today cause he couldn't take the time off work and I don't blame him we need the we got there I checked in and went right in, gave them my pee sample she said it looked fine and then she weighed me and said my weight gain is really good right where I should be I only gained like 3 pounds in the last month so that was good to hear cause I was hate scales..then we went into her office and she prescribed me something that I can for sure take for my bad allergys..thank goodness..and then she measured my belly and then did the baby's I love that sound it was really strong 145 beats so she said baby looks good and I'm a happy mama..14 days till my ultrasound..can you tell I'm I go back for another prental appt on the 29th and then one more in November and then I get to see the OBGYN on December ya that's my is doing well:)