Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy Week...

Yep, that's what I feel like I need to drink a whole bunch of..(starbucks coffee).. just to keep me here's the story yesterday we went to Ryan's parents house in the afternoon because his grandparents were coming up for a visit and they wanted to see Miss Peyton, so we went there around 3:30pm I believe and we were there till about 10pm, so we had dinner and everything there and us and the baby were outside most of that time, So Peyton got tons of fresh air and she was happy about that. later on that evening we also gave Peyton a bowl of pablum and she also had her 8oz of formula, she was very happy and had a full we all figured that she would've slept great lastnight...and guess what...That so wasn't the case she was up till almost 4:30am it was awful and I was soo tired..I finally got her to fall alseep ( a good sleep) at like 4:30am so I was able to finally get abit of rest and then she woke us up again around 8, had her bottle and then went right back to sleep, but staying awake till that ungodly hour lastnight just killed me I've been pretty tired here and there throughout the day..but am still up and just trying to relax and enjoy the quiet since all 4 kiddos are fast asleep in the beds.

I also have been trying to scrap when I can but hasn't been too much lately, since Peyton has decided that lately she wants to be held 24/7..I have every baby thing you could imagine and she's just not interested she would rather be held..little stinker :P

Oh and over the weekend I finally got a new dining room table and chairs it's a nice set and I got it at a very good price and it's from Ikea..I love it. I would post a pic but it will take me forever to find one, so maybe I'll post a pic tommorow.

Well not much is new here, the boys are home for summer break and all the kiddos are keeping me on my toes.

I shall be back tommorow with some pics and some scrap pages.

Nighty Night all

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